Learn more about Clementine Charuel, Film and Video Game Composer


Clementine Charuel is a French composer, conductor and pianist from Paris. Born in 1994, Clementine was raised by cinema and music lovers.

She started to study music at seven in Paris Conservatories. After graduating in Ear Training at the Paris Regional Conservatory, Clementine became more and more interested in composition. At the same time as her studies in Paris-Sorbonne University (Music and Musicology), she entered the Levallois Conservatory in Film Scoring, where she would leave three years later with a Magna Cum Laude distinction.

While she completed her Master’s degree in Musicology and Choir Conducting, Clementine still wanted to learn more about Film Scoring. Thus she decided to apply for the Master’s in Film Scoring program at Berklee College of Music (Valencia Campus). During her year at Berklee, she had the opportunity to record her music on many scoring stages including AIR Studios’ Lyndhurst Hall.

After graduating Summa Cum Laude from Berklee, she is now working as a part-time assistant for several established composers in Paris and pursuing her career in media scoring.

In 2019, Clementine was awarded a First Prize for writing music for an experimental movie (OST Challenge, France) and received the Lucy and Didier Lean Rachou Award for her participation to the ASCAP Film Scoring Workshop.

Picture by Anna Hebting © 2019