About me

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From short to feature, from series to documentary

Since my early days in film music I worked on a large panel of media projects.

The feature movie Cherry (directed by Sophie Galibert, awarded at Tribeca in 2022), the short movie Phosphore (directed by Antoine Devulder, a student at La Fémis), or even the documentary Wild Beauty and the series Bright Minds (additional music) were all very different and made me travel through diametrically opposed styles. They enriched my cinema and music knowledges.

A vocation

Film music seemed obvious when I put in common the things that matter the most to me: as a cinema lover and a music artist I have always associated pictures, stories or even dreams to music I was hearing, playing or writing. Today I really enjoy translating cinematic expression into music expression, interpreting the directors' emotions in my own language and put this music at the service of the movie.

While my first steps in music composition were very focused on orchestral music, now I like mixing it with electronic instruments and with vocal textures. My trips in different musical spheres (classical, rock, modern music) made me wish to always improve myself and experiment new ways of thinking and writing music.

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My musical training started when I was 7 as I was interested in playing the piano. While taking courses at the conservatory I wanted to discover music from every angle: I gained new writing styles by playing in rock bands and in chamber choirs, as well as the wish of developing unusual textures. 

Since I graduated from the Master of Musicology at Paris-Sorbonne (2017) and from the Master of Scoring for Films, Television and Video Games at Berklee College of Music (2018), I have been writing music for many media projects and I never get tired of exploring my creativity through different styles and genres of cinema and music.

I developed my experience by working with other composers on many projects: TV series with Erwann Kermorvant and Stéphane Le Gouvello, feature movies with Anne-Sophie Versnaeyen and Julie Roué, documentaries with Guillaume Roussel and Armand Amar.

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