A selection of music written for films


Feature movie directed bySophie Galibert(2022)

Cherry's got 24 hours to choose wether she keeps the baby she's expecting or abort. Through the movie, we can see her introspective path facing her nonchalance and the indifference of her relatives. 

Sixes & Sevens

Short movie directed byRyan Hammaker(2023)

Con, a retired wester actor victim of a big memory loss, spends his days watching his past movies, without knowing that he is his biggest fan. Chloe, his wife, sees the deleterious way of life they live in.


TV SeriesCanal +(2022, Season 1)

Travel through the castle life, and mostly the one of an uncommon queen.


Short movie directed byYves Lacroix(2019)

An experimental documentary about the west coast of the US.


Short movie directed byAnthony Mambré(2017)

An escort-girl meets a young blind man, whose wish is only to feel her face on his fingers.